How does one get involved in importing school buses from the US to Germany? That's a long story that begins about twenty years ago with Thomas Morawek and Michael Christoph Mittag doing business together in Mainz, where the former was already operating the rental service "Hollywood Cars".

The Hollywood connection comes from Thomas Morawek, looking back on a long career in the import and export business, having lived in L.A. for several years. There he worked as a bodyguard for magician David Copperfield who also used his limousine service. In addition, Morawek has been in demand as an Arnold Schwarzenegger double for years.

At the time, Michael Christoph Mittag ran several hospitality outlets and dance clubs in Mainz such as KumiKlub, KumiBar, KumiGarten, Brückenkopf and Rheinstrand Mainz. The parties were legendary and it was in this context that Thomas Morawek’s Hollywood Cars came in.

What started out as fun turned serious real quick

On a whim, they decided to buy a few discarded school buses in the US and import them to Germany. But when the buses sold quickly and prospective clients were already lining up, they just kept going. Since the business relied on a regular presence in the US, Michael Christoph Mittag decided to abandon his German operations and dedicate all his time and energy to exporting vehicles directly from the US. In 2010 he founded MiMo Export LLC in Tampa, Florida, which also owns "US Cars • Easily Imported".

SchoolBusWorld is at home on both continents

2008 saw the foundation of SchoolBusWorld GmbH. Both entrepreneurs work hand in hand with Michael Christoph Mittag sourcing the vehicles in Florida and Thomas Morawek taking care of sales in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg. Our customers benefit from our great expertise and negotiating prowess – we love what we do and that makes us an unbeatable and highly successful team.

What makes our team special

We are enthusiastic about our business and very creative.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
We have extensive know-how and years of experience.

Now it is your turn. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.